If you are producer that sells to retail and foodservice and you deliver your products yourself, you will save time using Orderlii.

What would you rather be doing with your time?

Could you do with more time to focus on what’s important? Our farmers have saved 2 to 5 hrs a week per person.

Get Customer Orders Quicker

Get your orders in quicker, with less errors. Use SMS, email or integrated telephone orders.

SMS, Email & Voice

We understand Business 2 Business Ordering.

Pick & Pack Orders

See orders as they come in and pick and pack.

Real Time Management

The picking and packing dashboards organise orders, trips and schedules and make sure all orders are accounted for.

Optimise Driver Routes

Route and map each trip for optimal performance.

Advanced GPS Routing Algorithm

Route any number of deliveries with multiple vehicles.

Manage Driver Deliveries

Keep track of drivers and delivery progress.

Pictures, Signatures, Batches

Get proof of delivery with pictures, signatures and GPS locations.  See there the truck is and see ETA on remaining deliveries.

Easy Invoicing

Create branded invoices in Orderlii that can be printed, emailed and exported into your Accounts Software.

Accurate Invoices

Orderlii can help you get paid quicker by getting your invoices to your customers as quickly and accurately as possible.

Online Payments with Square & Stripe

Take Credit Card Payments

Use Square & Stripe to take payment.

Online & In-person Payments

Take in-person payment at delivery or online payment linked both linked to Orderlii Invoice using Square / Stripe.

What does Orderlii do?

What our Customers and their Customers say

“It’s probably saved us 20 person hours a week. That’s so valuable in small business. An extra 1/2 a person basically. More importantly we are now able to focus on building the business instead of getting stuck in operations.”

Roger Boyd, Commercial Manager Honest Eggs Co.

“By far the best ordering system we’ve ever used. Keep it coming.”

Sandro Bastasin, Manager - Boccaccio SUPA IGA.

Use Orderlii with

Orderlii integrates (directly or via file upload) with the following solutions:

Faster Orders
Deliveries Routed
Signatures & Pictures
Admin Hours Saved / Month

Made in Australia for Australian Businesses

We listened and made software that suits businesses selling to businesses.

We will get you on the road to saving money in no time.