Be more Efficient

Orderlii makes time intensive tasks a breeze.  Tasks like taking customer orders, preparing picking and packing list and sending invoices happen automatically or by the click of a button.

Fulful orders from other systems


If you get your orders into Xero or Woo commerce etc, Orderlii can sync those orders and manage the fulfilment and delivery of those others.

Fulful orders from other systems2024-05-31T12:58:28+10:00

Generate Woolworths Delivery Notes


Save time by printing all your Woolworths Delivery Notes from Orderlii Print all your correctly formatted delivery notes for Woolworths. Then photograph signed copies at delivery back into Orderlii. Done!  

Generate Woolworths Delivery Notes2024-05-31T12:53:27+10:00

Saving Time with Orderlii


Why using Orderlii to save time can have several significant benefits. Increased productivity: Time-saving measures enable farmers to accomplish more tasks within a given timeframe. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency in farm operations. Farmers can allocate their saved time to focus on crucial activities such as crop cultivation, livestock management, and marketing

Saving Time with Orderlii2023-05-26T12:36:36+10:00

Follow up Customer Orders


Save time and keep your sales team focused on getting orders Orderlii shows a live list of orders allowing your sales team to see which customers have or haven't ordered yet.  They are able to see what communication has been sent to the customer (Orderlii Emails / SMS) and their current average order and order

Follow up Customer Orders2023-03-03T13:32:32+10:00

Driver Performance Management


Keeping drivers motivated and engaged is key saving delivery costs and improving customer satisfaction Orderlii has a set of tools to track and motivate drivers to meet their performance objectives in a easy to manage process.

Driver Performance Management2021-07-26T11:27:18+10:00

Orderlii Driver App


Keeping your drivers on track is critical to being profitable. Orderlii helps navigate your drivers to each delivery, makes sure they deliver the correct items, helps them capture proof of the delivery and then keeps them on schedule.

Orderlii Driver App2021-07-26T11:27:41+10:00

Optimise Trip Distance and Time


Save delivery costs and maximise your delivery resources by optimising your routes. Orderlii uses specialised algorithms combined with mapping providers to get the most out of your delivery resources.  Orderlii allows for delivery with your own vehicles, logistics providers or combinations of the two.

Optimise Trip Distance and Time2022-12-09T07:41:44+10:00

Print ,Email and Export Invoices


Correct, on-time invoices means getting paid quicker Orderlii provides several options for invoicing that can be set on a customer-by-customer basis. You can print branded invoices that can be attached to the delivery or automatically email invoices to the customer accounts contact when the delivery is completed.  Invoices can then be exported into accounts software

Print ,Email and Export Invoices2021-07-26T11:28:09+10:00

Scheduled Automated Order Reminders, Proof of Delivery and Invoices


Staying in touch with your Customers using smart, automated processes increases sales and limits time consuming queries. Orderlii lets you easily configure when, how and who to send sales, accounting and delivery information to.  Choose how each customer prefers to be contacted, then combine that with a schedule linked to their ordering or delivery cycles. 

Scheduled Automated Order Reminders, Proof of Delivery and Invoices2021-07-21T16:11:00+10:00

Optimise routing for all your delivery schedules


Save delivery costs and maximise the number of drops you can do in a trip, day or week Orderlii optimises the routing of deliveries in a single trip or allows you to try what-if scenarios across a number of delivery routes.

Optimise routing for all your delivery schedules2021-07-26T11:29:16+10:00
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