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Saving Time with Orderlii


Why using Orderlii to save time can have several significant benefits. Increased productivity: Time-saving measures enable farmers to accomplish more tasks within a given timeframe. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency in farm operations. Farmers can allocate their saved time to focus on crucial activities such as crop cultivation, livestock management, and marketing

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Optimise Trip Distance and Time


Save delivery costs and maximise your delivery resources by optimising your routes. Orderlii uses specialised algorithms combined with mapping providers to get the most out of your delivery resources.  Orderlii allows for delivery with your own vehicles, logistics providers or combinations of the two.

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Optimise routing for all your delivery schedules


Save delivery costs and maximise the number of drops you can do in a trip, day or week Orderlii optimises the routing of deliveries in a single trip or allows you to try what-if scenarios across a number of delivery routes.

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Get Customer Orders via SMS


Increase sales by giving your customer an easy way to order where and when they want to order. Orderlii sends a personalised “order request” SMS to your customer’s ordering contacts. The coded link in the SMS lets the person ordering view their average order and quickly amend, confirm or cancel the order. This process takes

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