Driver Performance Management


Keeping drivers motivated and engaged is key saving delivery costs and improving customer satisfaction Orderlii has a set of tools to track and motivate drivers to meet their performance objectives in a easy to manage process.

Driver Performance Management2021-07-26T11:27:18+10:00

Orderlii Driver App


Keeping your drivers on track is critical to being profitable. Orderlii helps navigate your drivers to each delivery, makes sure they deliver the correct items, helps them capture proof of the delivery and then keeps them on schedule.

Orderlii Driver App2021-07-26T11:27:41+10:00

Printed / Emailed Branded Delivery Notes


Avoid customer disputes with correct delivery information Choose when and how to provide your customer with delivery documents. You can print your branded delivery notes (good received voucher) before departure and attach them to the deliveries or Email delivery noted automatically when the delivery is completed.

Printed / Emailed Branded Delivery Notes2023-03-03T13:32:56+10:00

Product Batch Tracking


Meet industry standards and save time during recalls and audits. Track production batches to your customers.  Batches can relate to expiry dates, ingredient sources (batches) etc. Depending on your current processes you can choose where and how to log and track your batches in Orderlii.

Product Batch Tracking2021-07-13T12:46:55+10:00

Proof of Delivery


Avoid time consuming customer disputes with solid proof of delivery. Depending on your customer, industry and internal needs, choose which proof of delivery is required for each customer. Some customers want a picture and a signature where others only need a picture.  Track delivery batches at the same time to simplify recalls and industry checks.

Proof of Delivery2021-07-26T20:48:45+10:00

Optimise routing for all your delivery schedules


Save delivery costs and maximise the number of drops you can do in a trip, day or week Orderlii optimises the routing of deliveries in a single trip or allows you to try what-if scenarios across a number of delivery routes.

Optimise routing for all your delivery schedules2021-07-26T11:29:16+10:00

Manage Delivery Routes


Save time with a clear schedule for customers, drivers and vehicles. Optimise your delivery capacity to grow your business. Orderlii lets you organise customers into repeating "routes".  You may have a weekly schedule of deliveries or a daily, monthly or a mix eg Monday Morning or Wednesday North.  Orderlii makes that simpler to manage all

Manage Delivery Routes2021-07-26T10:03:53+10:00
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