Easily justified.

We challenge anyone that we can save them 20% of their costs involved in order to delivery and invoicing. What’s that worth to you? 
If cost of distribution is $100k that’s $20k in savings per annum for a 
$2-3k investment for 100 customers. Obviously that’s a back of the envelope saving that’s worth the investment. But that’s only a small part of the story. The big part of the story is about freeing up time to build your empire. 
When your team reduce their manual tasks it gives them time to grow. It also engages them. With less manual tasks in their way you can challenge them to grow the business. No excuses.

Pricing explained.

We charge on a cost-per-use basis. There is a small charge for each order, delivery and invoice you process through the system.  Thus you only pay for what you use.  

It is a clean, easy way to relate the cost of Orderlii to the efficiencies you gain and the time you save.

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